Semiconductors are hot!

It’s easy to see that the demand for semiconductors will only be growing. We now have computer chips inside just about every appliance in the home, every computer and phone, every automobile! The list of products that include semiconductors and computer chips is vast and ever growing. The internet of things is only possible with semiconductors, so until someone invents a replacement, this industry is going to be growing for as long as technology is being developed and utilized!

As of this writing, six different companies in the semiconductor industry have hit 52-week highs five days in a row. When I see this kind of setup it tells me a story; the story is that the semiconductor industry is selling a lot of computer chips. It’s considered a cyclical industry, so there is an expected natural march forward and pullback pattern. That being said, it’s always great to jump in and ride the march forward. Here are the stock tickers for the companies riding their highs:

And these aren’t the only semiconductor companies on the list, just the ones that have hit five or more days in a row of 52-week highs. Right now could be a great time to jump into a semiconductor ETF like SOXX, SMH, or PSI. The ones that I prefer are the ETFs that have multiple leverages, like SOXL or USD. Whichever suits you best, don’t miss out on a great run!

Wonder what the future holds?

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