Friday Pick’em: 11/27

Our picks ended the week on a positive note as the quarterly earnings season comes to a close.

Steady gains in the he S&P 500 were a nice way to end Thanksgiving, and several of our picks had stellar runs! JWS spiked on earnings Wednesday while alternative energy stocks continued to run before stalling on Friday.

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Dan’s Stock Picks

Volume: 89 M
Short%: 12.71

FuelCell Energy Inc has seen a solid 7 days of consecutive 52 week highs with double the average volume. The Electric Vehicle segment is hot right now, and FCEL started the month under $4 and is currently over $9 and could easily pass $10. Every vaccine announcement has helped push the industry, and FCEL is one of the stocks rocketing up in response.

Volume: 4.3 M
Short%: 22.89

Appian Corp (APPN) 13 days in a row of 52 week highs, volume is four times the average. Last news was November 9th, when APPN was raised from sell to neutral by Goldman Sachs. When a stock is moving up in price and volume so much without news, it always makes me think something’s happening the public isn’t aware of and the news has yet to come. I’m excited to see how high it can go, and to find out what’s behind the increased interest in APPN.

Kyle’s Picks

Volume: 10.8 M
Short%: 33.15

Virgin Galactic is another stock that keeps popping up on Benzinga’s options alerts. I purchased some December $28 calls last week when the stock was trading around $23.50 and it’s already bouncing around the $27-$28 mark. I haven’t seen any positive news for the company to justify this price movement, and that’s something I like to see when making option bets.

Volume: 6.9 M
Short%: 1.82

Salesforce recently made headlines when it was revealed that they were in talks to acquire Slack Technologies. The stock took a 5% hit when the news broke and at it’s current price below $250, it’s looking like a good deal. The company is also expected to release their latest quarterly earnings statement on December 4th. The last earnings report caused the stock to jump over $30/share. Let’s see if they can improve on that next week.

Past Pick’ems Review

Bloom Energy (BE) triggered its stop loss Friday after one heck of a run. We’re also going to cut bait and drop APAM, FUTU and INFY since there hasn’t been much movement on those stocks since making the list. We’ll need to see something from AOS next week, or else it will get culled too.

Price first
15% Trailing
Stop Loss
Closing Price
on 11/27
Stocks that trigger the stop loss are dropped from future updates.

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