Peloton Interactive (PTON)

I love a stock that keeps hitting new highs!

After their IPO on Sept. 26, 2019 @ $29/share, Pelaton Interactive has carved out a big slice of the home exercise equipment market. Their interactive stationary bikes and treadmills seem to capture the essence of going to a gym and training along with others. Pelaton has steadily hit more and more highs and keeps showing up on my lists, and that’s a sure sign that I need to be paying attention.

Shares of Peloton Interactive rose to $119.89 today, marking its sixth consecutive high. The stock has been on an incredible run, nearly doubling in value since August. The at-home fitness market is going strong right now thanks to the pandemic and Peloton is a big name. On top of the six-day 52-week high trend, I found an options alert that falls right in line. Having several things line up in favor of the company is a good indicator to me that good things are coming.

PTON posted a strong earnings earnings beat on 9/10, and if they can keep the momentum going this quarter, it should still have room to grow. The company reported that their sales were up a staggering 172%, and with no sign of slowing down this pandemic is keeping a lot of people at home.

2/27/21 Update

After reaching a high of $171.09, Pelaton Interactive released their latest earnings on 2/5/21. While their revenue grew 128% in the quarter, the company disclosed supply chain and delivery issues that spooked investors. Even in the face of strong numbers, a company’s outlook can really frighten people off of buying while simultaneously frightening people into selling! Any long term position sees a price pullback like this as an opportunity to get more shares and not a reason to sell. Buy low, sell high the saying goes! The stock closed Friday 2/26/21 @ $120.37.

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