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Kyle’s favorites for next week and beyond

Volume: 53.4 M
Short%: 2.79

AMD had been on a nice run before hitting a sell off last month, but it’s starting to pick up steam again. With Intel’s next gen processors delayed, look for AMD to start eating into Intel’s market share when earnings are reported at the end of October

Volume: 2.1 M
Short%: 0.64

Costco took a beating after releasing a strong earnings report on 9/24, but it’s starting to pick up steam now. Watch for this solid stock to start pushing its 52 week high again soon.

Volume: 16.2 M
Short%: 2.15

Alibaba owns a large stake of Ant, Jack Ma’s other major company. With talks of Ant going public, Alibaba should benefit greatly.

More Stocks Dan Likes

I’ve recently started running my stock screener daily in order to track successive days of all time highs. Throughout the week, I noticed several companies pushing new 52 week highs every day. For the last five days, three stocks in particular have been on my list each time without fail. All of these companies manufacture components for Solar Energy, and they aren’t the only Solar companies to be making the list either- just the ones that have been there every day. I’m certain these prices aren’t being driven by any particular industry event, it’s more likely investors are hedging their bets that if there’s a new Presidential administration then it will be good for the Solar Industry. Whatever the reason, volume is up along with price and that’s enough for me to take notice.

Volume: 4.9 M
Short%: 22.64

Jinko Solar Holding Co. has been hitting new highs with a huge surge in volume. Moving from $35/share to over $44/share and daily volumes over twice the average, this company has seen the most movement. Not surprising, as they are the only one of the three posting earnings on the positive side!

Volume: 14.9 M
Short%: 14.04

Sun Run is another solar company that has been hitting new highs. While my personal extremely tight stop loss kicked me out the morning of writing this, they are still up for the week, moving from $67/share to $76 a share. Though they didn’t make a new high today (They hit $80/share before pulling back), when they get back to $80/share I will be looking at moving right back into my position. The volume on RUN is at about 50% higher than their average, and their earning’s per share is -0.02.

Volume: 5.7 M
Short%: 9.31

Vivint Solar is the final of our solar companies, and much like RUN they pulled back a bit today but are still high for the week, moving from $38/share to $42.40/share. Their volume is running almost twice their average, and like RUN they have a negative earnings per share at -0.72. My tight stop loss kicked me out, but I do have a price alert at $44.75 and if they get back up there I’ll jump back in.

Last Weeks Picks Review

Last week saw a nice bump in most of our picks thanks to speculation that another stimulus package could be coming. Unfortunately, our bearish picks got the same bump. As always, stocks get dropped once they trigger a trailing %15 stop after we post this list.

Bullish Stocks9/24 Close15% Trailing StopStop Loss Status9/24 Closing Price
U$83.7$87.23Triggered 9/30Dropped
WIT$4.59$4.17Active $4.68
Stocks that trigger the stop loss are dropped from future updates

Bearish Stocks9/24 Close15% Trailing StopStop Loss Status9/24 Closing Price
OMI$20.30$22.78Triggered 9/29Dropped
PACB$8.93$10.04Triggered 9/30Dropped
DKNG$53.19$54.16Triggered 9/28Dropped
Stocks that trigger the stop loss are dropped from future updates

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