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Stocks Kyle Likes

Volume: 1.6 M
Short%: 4.43

A.O Smith Corp has been hitting new highs the last month and seeing increased volume, with a nice spike today. We’re guessing people are expecting good things when they report their earnings on Oct 29.

Volume: ~1 M
Short%: 27.42

The used car industry has been hot lately, as several salesmen I’ve spoken to have told me they are having trouble getting inventory. A company set up to sell cars online should have done well this last quarter and other investors should be expecting the same. They are scheduled to release earnings at the end of the month, se are recommending buying now to ride the hype and looking to sell the day before earnings are released as the market has been extremely hard to please this year.

More Stocks Dan Likes

Volume: 1.8 M
Short%: 1.67

Coming in off of 5 straight days of hitting 52-week highs is Darling Ingredients was announced as a “Buy” rating today by Tudor Pickering with a price target of $47, as well as a September 28th “Outperform” rating by Credit Suisse. They’re currently trading at $42.35/share with a decent 40% uptick in volume and only 1.46% short interest.

Volume: 1.4 M
Short%: 4.12

I’ve been watching Cardiff Oncology hit my screener and then disappear for a few months now, and it seems to be following a cycle that’s pushing it higher and higher with each run up the chart. Yesterday Piper Sandler initiated an “Overweight” rating and they set a price target of $25. They were trading at $17.25 at last check. And for the record, before we started Financial Ineptitude, I saw CRDF hit an all time high back in August as it passed $5.00 a share. Then I saw it again in September when it passed
$7.50 a share. Now it’s October and it’s up over $17 a share. This is a Friday pick to keep your eye on!

Last Weeks Picks Review

Another solid week in the books for our picks, as all but one stock ended the week higher. As always, stocks get dropped once they trigger a trailing 15% stop after we post this list.

Price first
15% Trailing
Stop Loss
Closing Price
WIT$4.59$4.68Active $5.40
RUN$76.45$70.01Triggered 10/08Dropped
Stocks that trigger the stop loss are dropped from future updates.
VSLR and RUN merged on 10/11

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