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Posted 9/18/2020

Dan’s Top 3 for Next Week

Volume: 3.5x average
Short%: 9.45

A little high but who doesn’t like to prove a bear wrong? The news on this company is they are having good sales and analysts are expecting them to increase.

Volume: 4x average
Short %: 3.69.

This company just announced they have paid off all of their debts and are operating entirely on their own capital.

Volume: 2.3x average
Short%: 0.23

There’s no recent news driving this price, the company is just on a solid uptrend. I actually had this one on my list from last week, and traded it for gains. It seems I sold too soon as it rebounded shortly after to push a new all time high.

Stocks We Hate

Kyle’s Buyer Beware List

Volume: 7.5 million
Short%: N/A

IPO on Wednesday saw the price spike to over $300 a share before dropping off considerably. This is one of the most expensive Cloud based tech stocks that doesn’t have the earning to back up it’s lofty price.

Volume: 1.25x average
Short%: 7.93%

Pushing new all time highs on news of a deal with the NY Giants and the Big 10 deciding to play this year. Sports viewership is down across the board which should mean less income from sports betting. I’m expecting earnings in November to disappoint.

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