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If you’ve ever felt like the only trader who is struggling to be profitable, join us in the China Shop for honest, yet fun conversations about the side of trading most people want to hide.

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Welcome to 2 Bulls in a China Shop, a collection of educational conversations, stories, news events and more! Every Saturday, hosts Kyle and Dan look at market moving news, hot stocks to watch and even a little crypto for good measure. Wednesday episodes focus on how to use that market news to inform trade ideas, and Mondays Kyle puts on his slightly more professional hat for a conversation with a friend in trading, or an expert in a field of finance. Guests include experienced traders, crypto masters, financial experts, authors and CEOs. This show is guaranteed to make you learn, smile, laugh, and crave the next release! Check out the collection of miniseries for a practically personalized education from Trading Psychologist Rich Friesen, or an incredible base in the worlds of futures and options trading from members of Orderflow Labs and TRADEPRO Academy. Stick around, the shop is open, the Discord community is awesome and supportive, and everything is FREE!

You can follow our discussions all week on our discord server and be sure to check out all our beginner episodes and Knowledge Center if you’re new to the world of investing!

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