Come learn with us on Discord!

In the course of our journey as traders, and especially since starting the podcast, we have learned how deeply important it is for traders to be part of a community. We are so proud of our own growing Discord community, and the honesty and camaraderie which our users have brought.

A peer network is important not only because trading can be a lonely and emotional exercise (it is!), nor because your SO or non-trading friends get sick of hearing about stocks (they do!), it is crucial for accountability and self-education. Every trader should find some kind of accountability partner to counterbalance their biases and emotional trading desires, and keep them honest with themselves. Exposure to other traders’ ideas, journals, strategies and stories helps us all to understand that most traders experience similar challenges, and gives everyone an opportunity to learn.

The most expensive education in stock trading is attained by making all of the mistakes yourself while you are learning.  The more we learn from each other, the cheaper the education will be.  You will find us all talking about not only the wins, but the losses as well, and what we have learned from them.

This is why Kyle and Dan post all of their trades and share the reasoning behind them. They do this not for the purpose of posting trading signals, but to give everyone a chance to see their thought process and learn from it, or even challenge their opinions.

Come meet us and your fellow listeners (and some show guests) on Discord, it’s completely free forever. If you are unfamiliar with Discord, it’s simply a chat room platform where we host a private server with channels where folks are discussing stock news, trades, crypto and NFTs, all kinds of strategies, the podcast, and bots! If you’re not comfortable commenting publicly, please feel free to lurk and learn, you also have the option to send private messages to Kyle and Dan. 

Most importantly, we send free smash-it-yourself merch to anyone who joins the server!  And if you should find that our community is not for you, we hope that you will find one where you are supported and learning!  It really is a lot of fun, and it’s always better with friends!