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How to Trade a Covered Call
Since it gets discussed on the show frequently, Kyle breaks down how to trade a covered call from research to execution.
Gaming Market Spotlight: Enthusiast Gaming Holdings, Inc.
Sponsored Content – This week we take a closer look at Enthusiast Gaming Holdings, a Canadian video game and Esports company
Retail Traders: Then and Now
Laura takes a trip down memory lane, comparing what it used to be like to buy a stock to buying stocks today
CBD Market Spotlight: Sweet Earth Holdings
Sponsored Content – This week we take a closer look at Sweet Earth, a Canadian company that focuses on CBD products
Organigram levels up!
After Organigram announces a new partnership, Dan takes a closer look at OGI and what that means for both companies going forward.
OCGN: Experimenting with Covered Calls
Kyle shares his experiences trading covered calls in Ocugen, Inc. (OCGN) over the last two weeks. But will there be profits?
How I’m Becoming a (Financial) Dragon: 3 Easy Steps
How I'm becoming a (financial) dragon, AKA investing for retirement. I Look beyond traditional methods of saving like 401ks and IRAs.

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